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Jaime Harding
Jaime Harding - Marion
Marion in NYC 1997
Jaime, 2012
'This World and Body' Demon Records 2020
'The Program' Demon Records 2020
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Johnny Marr on working with Jaime Harding...
Q Magazine, March 2013 - Cash for Questions
Q: What’s the most underrated record you’ve been involved with?
Johnny Marr: “I’d say an album I did in the mid-90s called The Program with Marion, which I produced. Jaime (Harding, Singer) was actually living the life that Brett Anderson was singing about and that Pete Doherty could only dream about, which was unfortunate for Jaime. He is such an incredible singer and an interesting writer; I wrote a few songs with him on it and I played on most of the tracks. It’s a good record”.


"Johnny Marr-endorsed, overlooked Britpop heroes."
- Q Magazine's 'Track Of The Day: Sleep', August 2014

"Wonderful band" Lauren Laverne // BBC Radio 6 Music

"One of those bands, I suppose a little bit like, probably the Longpigs I guess, there were a few bands around that particular time of the 90s, bands who really made some quite cultured pop music which maybe got a little lost during the Britpop era" Steve Lamacq // BBC Radio 6 Music, 2016.


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